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Hoogstraten Poorter

Avery Imperial Oktoberfest The Kaiser

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Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout


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Rogue Dead Guy Ale

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Spaten Oktoberfest


After yet another birthday, there are finally 2 new reviews up: Unibroue 15 and Great Lakes Holy Moses. I am still hoping to get the coding on the left finished sometime this year. I will not be present for the next tasting as I will be in Belgium. Expect a full write up and tasting notes from all new beers that I try on the other side of the pond.


I am sorry for the lack of new reviews as of late. Between finals and work I haven't even had time to write up the reviews that I have stored on my computer. However, I plan to remedy this tonight by at least getting up a review or two.

Last beer tasting was a success. There was a total of 36 people in attendance. Next tasting is shaping up to be the World Cup of Beers, in honor of the World Cup of soccer. It should be another fun time with a wide range of beers. This tasting will take place on the 5th of June.

I know that some of you have been asking me where to find certain beers. Well, I have found that place and it is right here in Austin. Oak Hill Liquors on 290 by Old Fredericksburg road has all kinds of crazy beers. As of today, they have 5 cases of Dogfish Head Midas Touch and they also have the 120 Minute IPA in stock. On top of this, they have a huge selection of rare and now unavailable beer. A personal favorite of mine is the magnum bottles of Anchor Christmas '03. I will be picking up a bottle of that sometime this weekend or early next week.


Two new reviews are up. Samuel Adams White Ale and Coopers Best Extra Stout. Also, the next tasting will be on May 1 and will be themed around WW2. It is titled Axis vs. Allies. This is the tasting that I am most looking foward to. Come out, have a good time, and drink some beer.

As a side note, rumor has it that the code for the panel on the left will be finished sometime soon!


New reviews are up: North Coast Old Stock 2005, and Dogfish Head Midas Touch. The coding for the automatic updater on the left is still a work in progress by my website designer. As for when it will be done is now beyond me. However, I will continue to put updates here instead.

Another beer tasting has gone by. Many thanks to those of you who come out and partake in the tastings. Having a good turn out means a lot to both Justin and I. The next tasting will be one to not miss as the theme is Axis vs. Allies. On top of an outstanding beer line up, I plan to throw in some history as well. Be sure to be there on the first Monday in May.


A few new reviews are up: Blanche de Chambly by Unibroue, and Navan. I am still trying to get my website builder to fix the coding on the left, hopefully that will be done sometime soon.


There are two new reviews up: Urthel Hibernus Quentum Mendocino Eye of the Hawk.

Justin and I will be hosting the Feb. beer tasting at the Gingerman on the 6th. Be sure to come out and bring all your friends.


Two new reviews are up, both of which are Belgians:

DeuS, Brut Des Flandres Delirium Nocturnum

I am still in the process of getting the coding on here sorted out. Hopefully soon the column on the left will update as I post new reviews, and hopefully there is a link back to the homepage via that logo in the upper left.


Alright, another year come and gone. Where on Earth did it go? Justin and I will now be hosting the beer tastings at The Gingerman until further notice. For our second hosting we had just under 40 people show up, which is impressive. Thanks to everyone who came out; both Justin and I look forward to seeing you all again next month.

I currently have two beers in my fridge that I need to get off of my butt and review. I also need to write those two reviews that I have laying around. Hopefully those will all be done soon. With school starting here soon, I will be back to the everyday grind of college life. Wish me luck on that front.